Under Construction!

I thought I’d share some recent construction progress on my model of Frederick, OK on the Farmrail/Grainbelt System. I’ve titled the layout “South End of the Grainbelt” which is shamelessly taken from the title of the “Railroad You Can Model” article in 1992 Model Railroader.

I’m not the best a laying flex track, but I can see that on this, my fourth layout, my skills are improving a bit. The stacked cans of green beans are a mock up of where the Farmers Co-op Elevator will go in the future. The white building to the right of it, a left over from a past layout, is standing in for where the Co-op’s fertilizer plant will be.

I needed to have the building in place for the Dunavant cotton compress, so I kit-bashed it from a couple of Pikestuff kits. It will get painted, weathered, and detailed later, but for now, I have the footprint and was able to align the spur track accordingly.

Although I’m still waiting on one turnout to complete the track, I was able to get enough of the layout wired up to run one short train!

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