New Video is Live!

Howdy, all! I finished filming a layout tour of and the first operating session on the “South End of the Grainbelt” and you can see it here:

I’d like to thank Tom Klimoski for his recent blog post about my work, too! He was all too kind.

Tom is a great guy, and his Georgia Northeastern model railroad has been a big source of inspiration, so I’d urge you to spend some time looking through his website if you haven’t already! Tom has really captured the look and feel of his chosen prototype (which is almost the Georgia version of Farmrail! Haha.) and he’s also been very kind in offering modeling tips and advice.

Until next time, y’all!

10 thoughts on “New Video is Live!

  1. Thomas told me about your layout and as I saw your engine, I had to see more, because I saw some Farmrail engines 2004 on my roadtrip over Route 66 near Clinton, where we visited the theatre. I could by also one of these engines in HO and let it run over my railroad here in Germany. If you like, have a look:
    Excuse my English and a lot of good experiences with your new layout. I will follow you. Horst


  2. Alex, I will look forward to seeing progress on your layout. Tom also inspired me as to what could be done in a small space. After operating on Tom’s layout I tore out my n scale layout and built a 12×9 in a spare bedroom. I model the Aberdeen Carolina and Western in Central NC.

    Good luck!



    1. Jeff, thanks for your kind words. It’s a small world, I live in Aberdeen, NC, a block from the AC&W tracks! I love watching their trains. I was sitting on the porch this evening listening to them bring a train up the hill off the CSX interchange. What part of the railroad do you model? I’d love to see any photos you have!


  3. Very nice concept Alex. I live in the UK and am also building a US shortline (freelance) in a 14′ x 12′ bedroom. The plan was very much inspired by Tom Klimoski’s layout. I like the lighting on your layout, it seems to cover the whole area without spotlight effects you get sometimes. What strength LED bulbs have you used and do you know what colour temperature? I will be looking for something very similar myself here in the UK.
    Look forward to further updates and have added your site to my “favourites”. Thanks & regards, John


  4. I tried to leave a reply several days ago, but I’m not sure it succeeded. I love your concept, excellent!
    I live in the UK and am building a US shortline (freelance) very much inspired by Tom Klimoski’s layout. I have 2 questions about your lighting, which I think looks good and seems to give a good amount of light for operations.
    1. what wattage are the LED bulbs and 2. what colour intensity are they 4000, 5000?
    Looking forward to following your build. Best regards


  5. Alex, Tom suggested I check out your blog and I’m glad he did. Nice job with everything so far. David Barrow has also been an inspiration for my modeling as well. And of course, Lance and Tom. Keep up the great work.


  6. Nice work Alex. Tom Klimoski suggested I check your blog and I’m glad I did. David Barrow is also an inspiration to me as well as Lance. And of course, Tom. Keep up the great work. I will be following your progress.


      1. I see I have 3 comments in here! You can delete two of them if you wish. I didn’t think they posted. Also if you get a chance I hope you’ll check out my blog as well.


  7. Hello Alex. Good job all around. Tom K suggested I visit your blog and I’m glad I did. I’ll be following your work.


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