Its Starting to Feel a Bit Like Home…

I’m not from Frederick, OK. I’m from the west side of Oklahoma City. But the rural, western part of my home state is my favorite part of the state, and holds a lot of happy memories for me. So its really nice to see the layout scenery come together and remind me of home.

I still have some work to do on color composition with regards to the dirt and grass, and the spur in the foreground needs a concrete loading dock. But overall, I’m quite pleased with how this part of the layout is turning out.

I used a different color of ballast to help the WT&J “dummy track” stand out. The tall switch stands are from Rapido, and I’m very happy how they look after some painting and weathering.

I made sure to add plenty of real Oklahoma red dirt (that I packed into Mason jars before we moved to the Carolinas) to help accent the dirt and parking areas in this scene.

The water tower is from Tichy Train Group. It was an absolute nightmare to assemble. To be fair, I’m a mediocre model builder at best. I weathered it with a wash of Burnt Umber artist oils and mineral spirits. The Dunavant Cotton warehouse is a simple Pikestuff kit-bash.

Most of the green static grass came from blending different colors and lengths from Silflor, while the wheat field was a combination of Noch and Heki products.

I hope to make a video of other progress soon! On the other side of the layout, ballast and ground cover is near completion, and several roads and grade crossings have been built. I’m working on a fertilizer plant, and am about to start construction on a gas station.

In the meantime, I’m still getting my operating and switching fix a couple times a week on the East Penn layout!

2 thoughts on “Its Starting to Feel a Bit Like Home…

  1. Hey, really enjoy reading about your layout. I just purchased and stained several IVAR shelves this past week for my new layout. It’s a modern UP switching layout based near Anaheim, CA. Anyway, I noticed you said your layout height is 44″, I assume that you cut a few inches off the IVAR leg pieces then?


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