The Varnish

I’ve finally finished equipment acquisition to model Farmrail’s former excursion train!

Farmrail used to own two VIA coaches (they’ve since been sold to the Oklahoma Railway Museum) that they once used to provide excursion rides for the local community. The caboose was sometimes used on the train, and was usually powered by a GP10 on each end. The most well-known and scenic of these trips were the Quartz Mountain Flyer trains that once ran between Quartz Mountain and Lone Wolf, OK. My wife and I got to ride back in 2016 and it was a real treat!

Here’s the train dead-heading back to Altus after a Quartz Mountain Flyer excursion in August, 2016.

My GP10s are of course Intermountain, and Walthers did a caboose in Farmrail colors that works well. The coaches are Rapido Continental Line, and will eventually lose their Milwaukee Road paint in favor of Farmrail brown and cream.

Although I’m not sure if Farmrail ever ran any excursions for the good people of Frederick, OK, I’m looking forward to being able to run a small passenger train on the layout. I enjoyed riding this train and its a shame that there are no longer any excursions on Farmrail.

Here’s some video I took from our trip 4 years ago!

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