Cassidy Grain

I have finally finished one of the two grain elevator complexes in Frederick, OK. Cassidy Grain, a local grain and farm supply company, is a fixture in the town.

Although my model isn’t a perfect replica, I pushed myself to take on more challenging kit-bashing techniques and I’m pleased with the result. It reflects the “feel” of the real Cassidy elevators. The elevators started out as Walthers kits but were modified heavily, to include cutting out pieces and filling in windows and doors with putty. The connecting pipe between them was kit-bashed from multiple Walthers components and some fishing line. Weathering was done with powders. The warehouse to the left of the elevators was left over from a previous layout, but it fits nicely. The real warehouse it was based on actually sits a block or two south and is a sea-foam green color, but this works.

The large, modern silos on the left on the complex were built some time around 2006, right after my era, so I’ve chosen to leave them out of my model.

I’ve also added the unloading hose and wheel stops to the fertilizer track in the foreground and planted more weeds. The hoppers fouling the switch during loading would seem to be a necessity on the prototype if you look at the actual track arrangement in Frederick.

I’ll eventually add some more details around Cassidy Grain, like dumpsters, propane and fertilizer tanks, and semi trailers for the harvest. But for now, its on to the Farmers Co-op elevator!

7 thoughts on “Cassidy Grain

  1. Alex,

    As someone who grew up in southwestern Oklahoma around grain elevators you have done a terrific job representing Cassidy grain in Frederick. In our hobby sometimes less is just the right amount to bring reality to the actual scene and you seem to have captured the feeling I remember from Frederick.
    Nice job!

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