New Additions to the Roster

I’ve been working on adding to my fleet for the layout, and thought I’d share some of that here.

First off… they’re finally here! I’ve been eagerly awaiting these Farmrail “shuttle hoppers” from Intermountain Ry. Co. for years. They finally shipped! The models are excellent, and I was able to get all 9 road numbers. Farmrail uses these hoppers to move grain from small elevators to large shuttle loaders to be transferred to BNSF unit trains.

I also purchased a new locomotive. Farmrail purchased several ex-Iowa Interstate GP38ACs and never repainted them. I found an Atlas model in one of the correct road numbers that will make for a relatively easy patch job.

#628 at Snyder, OK in 2009 by John Strenski

I’ve also become more bold with regard to weathering my rolling stock. This is the first “expensive” car I’ve been brave enough to weather, an ExactRail model. I used some AK and Tamiya washes and I’m really happy with the results.

Stay tuned for more updates, y’all!

5 thoughts on “New Additions to the Roster

  1. Congratulations on the new acquisitions Alex! That’s got to be really exciting to finally get those GNBC hoppers after such a long wait. I envy you for having factory cars you can use! That puts you several steps ahead of the older-era IAIS guys like me.

    Speaking of which, the 628 is definitely a nice addition. I had some great times involving that unit.

    Finally, really nice job weathering that BN hopper. I love the built-up grime around the trucks, underframe, and ribs.




    1. Joe, thanks for your comment! I’m surprised myself at how much Farmrail RTR equipment has come available, between the Intermountain and Walthers stuff, and the coming Athearn GP38s.

      Thanks for your kind words on the weathering. A lot of the effect was achieved by brushing on different washes and then wiping off much of it with a piece of paper towel!


    2. Thanks, Joe! I’m glad that a couple manufacturers have taken some interest in Farmrail. I’d like to add one more ex-IAIS locomotive eventually. I’ve discovered that, thus far, I prefer weathering with a paint brush (be it washes or powders) to airbrushing, but I may just need to spend more time on my airbrush technique.


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