Telephone Poles and the Horizon

One of the last details I wanted to add to the layout were some telephone poles along two of the roads. I think they turned out pretty decent:

I would like to blend that horizon better with a photo backdrop, but that will have to wait until after my upcoming “work trip.” In the meantime, I’m enjoying running the layout and taking some photos and playing with editing. I’d like to write an article on the Frederick layout for publication.

Speaking of the horizon…

I’ve become really interested in the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern (better known as the Reading & Northern) and Appalachian mountain scenery. While I don’t think I’m giving up Farmrail any time soon, I want to pursue a “side project.” Priorities include expansive scenery and continuous running, and less of a focus on switching. To that end, N scale seemed to be the logical choice, especially given the fact that Atlas has produced a good number of models in N for the RBMN and they are all easily had online.

Photo credit: Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern

I intend to start this project sometime next year, and am keeping an open mind as to the exact nature of what I’ll build. I envision something free-standing, rather than a shelf layout. My friends have suggested this track plan as a good candidate:

Still in the planning stages, but it should be neat to see how this all develops…

Also, I’ve added some new locomotives to the collection. Here’s my lovely wife (Genesis) running an Athearn Genesis model of an Amtrak Genesis locomotive.

Until next time, y’all. I’ve got some switching to do.

2 thoughts on “Telephone Poles and the Horizon

  1. The layout looks great. Your side project looks interesting too. I’ve always wanted some continuous running opportunity.


  2. I model N scale on a shelf layout for lack of space. Wish I had continuous running. This is a cool track plan! Keep us posted with your PA adventures!


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