Still here, still running trains

It seems I always have to preface a post here with “I’ve been really busy…”

However, while work on the layout has virtually stopped, I still do find the time to run trains and “railfan” the layout.

Its nice having a clean, finished layout to enjoy. Often, I only make it halfway through an operating session before dinner must be eaten, a toddler wants attention, or dishes need washing.

A couple months ago, we were honored to have a model railroad celebrity come and visit! Tom Klimoski, a prolific modeler who has written Building the Right Sized Layout as well as numerous articles for Kalmbach, and his wife came to spend the day with us and run some trains!

It was an honor to have a modeler like Tom come and visit. He even autographed my copy of his book (a couple photos of my old East Penn layout are featured in it). Tom has been a huge mentor of mine in the hobby for a couple years now, and it was great to get to visit in person.

If you don’t own Building the Right Sized Layout, I highly recommend it. Tom’s Georgia Northeastern RR is a textbook example of excellent craftsmanship and the possibilities of modern era switching layouts. Check out his website and phenomenal YouTube channel here

He has the distinction of being the first, and likely only guest operator on the Frederick layout. You see, we’re moving to a new home in a few weeks, because we’ve out-grown our little home here. With a new baby on the way, its time to look to a new chapter, which likely means the impending dismantling of Frederick.

Stay tuned for the next project as it comes to life.

2 thoughts on “Still here, still running trains

  1. Alex, it was great meeting you and your family. Thank you for the very kind words and promoting my book. I had a good time operating on your layout and I am honored that I got to be the first and last guest operator. You did a fantastic job on the Fredrick layout and I am looking forward to following the progress on your next layout.

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