A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I’ve lived in Aberdeen, NC for nearly two years. I enjoy railfanning around town; its usually as easy as jumping in my truck when I hear a horn (especially when it comes to the two short lines). We live near downtown, and the community is small enough to easily get around.

I have been meaning to put together a video collection of some of my railfanning catches around town for my YouTube channel, and I finally finished the project today.

There are some fascinating trains that run through town, although the scenery isn’t my cup of tea. I actually gave some serious thought to modeling the Aberdeen & Rockfish on the north side of downtown. The two transload tracks and the CSX interchange essentially make for a real-like Inglenook right out in front of their shops. Maybe I should draw up that track plan one of these days… I have it all in my head for now…

One of the Amtrak engineers regularly gives me a nice horn show when I’m track side, and I’ve gotten to know some of the ACWR crew members. Nice folks. It may be a temporary home for us, but Aberdeen, NC has always made us feel welcome.

5 thoughts on “A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

    1. Thanks, Joe. Its not a bad town to be a train buff in. Its odd to see those big long corn trains here in the Sand Hills, surrounded by pine trees as far as the eye can see. I can drive over to Candor and see them unload at the feed mills and get a bit of a grain elevator “fix” but somehow, it ain’t quite the same.


  1. Fantastic video! First, thank you for sharing it. Second, please keep these coming. The narration was super helpful in following what was going on, and the knowledge of how these railroads operate is a key to understanding the trains you are sharing with us. Great job.


  2. Hi Alex, I really enjoyed the video. Although I am modeling the ACWR I really no very little about it. Can you provide some insight. BTW, I believe we have a mutual friend, Tom Klimoski. Jeff


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