Additions to the Crew

We’ve got a couple of new hires out here on Farmrail in Frederick, OK!

On Valentines Day, my wife joined me for a quick informal operating session on the layout. We had fun filming it and running some trains. She makes a great engineer, I think my friend Tom H. (a veteran engineer and GP10 aficionado) would be mighty proud of her.

A few days later, our lives changed forever when we welcomed our baby girl into the world! Aleksandra Lee Bogaski, or “Sasha” as we call her (Sasha is Russian for Alex), is gorgeous and we love her so much. Mom and baby are both doing great! We’ll have the little one marked up as a brakeman in no time.

I did finish a few projects on the layout before the whirlwind of baby girl’s arrival. I have been having fun weathering rolling stock, and I more or less finished the last major structure, the Farmers Co-op elevator.

Also, check out this slide I recently acquired on eBay! This is some vintage Farmrail right here. Two GP9s resting in Weatherford, OK in 1986 in front of the old Rock Island depot. I think the GP9s were pretty new to the property at this point, having just replaced the ex-FEC GP7s that the railroad started with.

Photograph by James Claflin, slide in my collection.

Until next time, y’all!

4 thoughts on “Additions to the Crew

  1. Congratulations Alex! I’m glad everyone is doing great! From experience, girls make great train crews!


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