Is it Done?

No model railroad is every truly finished. But to me, there’s a difference between adding small details and refinements and building entire sections of scenery and major structures. I think Frederick, OK is done, for all intents and purposes.

There are several important details I’d like to add: A car puller at one of the elevators, stop signs at the WT&J crossing, and discarded ties along the ROW. But when I step into the hobby room and look at the layout, there’s a sense of completeness about the layout, and that’s rewarding.

I’ve learned a lot from this layout, probably more than any past layout. I plan on writing a “lessons learned” blog post explaining the mistakes I made and what I’d do differently. I’m headed out abroad for work again, but there’s a chance we could be living in North Carolina a couple more years when I get back – if that’s the case, I might have time to improve on some of those deficiencies. In the meantime, they’re mostly easily overlooked, and I enjoy running trains on the layout immensely.

While I was reorganizing the hobby room, I found myself flipping through old issues of Model Railroader from 2003. Man, that was a great year for that publication! I also plan on sharing a blog post about how that year of that magazine influenced 11 year old me, and how it has impacted my modeling goals today. More on that to follow.

Also, my friends have been hearing the rumblings of me, a serial layout builder. What is next? I’m already plotting a few ideas for the future… I’ll write more on that as the ideas start to come together.

In the meantime? I think this is the best layout I’ve built yet, and I’m gonna enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “Is it Done?

  1. Very nice! I really like the way you did the ground cover. Your videos are excellent at showing the layout. Thanks Alex!


  2. I made the mistake of building big just before pandemic started no one could come to help learned a lesson that day .
    I was overwhelmed every time I went to basement next layout will be smaller and switching


  3. The layout is looking great! You have accomplished a lot with this layout and learned what you like and don’t like about model railroading, which can be applied to your next layout.


  4. Alex,

    If you have time, a great how to on your static grass would be great. To me, that is one of the best parts of your layout. Not to be taken that the rest of it is not top notch.



  5. The layout looks great. I’m in a similar spot. My layout is mostly finished and I’m looking for the next project.


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