Frederick, OK – Planning the Layout

The more I examined Frederick, the more it seemed like the perfect prototype. Two elevators, carload traffic of fertilizer, two cotton related industries, and interchange with another short line. All at a “stub terminal” and in a relatively small area. Of course, I wasn’t the first to arrive at that conclusion. There was a greatContinue reading “Frederick, OK – Planning the Layout”

Adding a New Layout to the Fold!

I’ve had the time to do some work on the new railroad lately. Here’s a quick preview of my new layout, this time depicting the southern end of the Grainbelt in Frederick, OK, circa 1995-2005. The layout was constructed in three “modules” resting on top of Ikea IVAR shelving. Frederick, OK is in southwest OklahomaContinue reading “Adding a New Layout to the Fold!”

A Millenial Finally Gets Serious About His Blog

Thanks for stopping in. As I attempt to streamline my digital footprint, I decided that I needed a better medium for sharing my modeling work. I’ll still be active on my social media platforms, but this will provide a more enduring journal of my modeling endeavors. I will also slowly migrate over any important informationContinue reading “A Millenial Finally Gets Serious About His Blog”